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The Performance ONE Nutrition Programs is a cutting-edge nutritional program that feeds and fuel the human body to build and protect as much lean muscle mass safely, without steroids, without anabolic and without stimulants. 

The Performance ONE Custom Nutrition Program was first developed and used in 2003 at Diet & Sport Nutrition in South Jordan, Utah. After the inception of the Performance ONE Custom Nutrition Program, it has been used by 1,000’s of professional, collegiate, amateur and high school athletes.

The Performance ONE Custom Nutrition Program has been tested to be free of all banned substances with the International Olympic Standards Tests and at the National Football League. Performance ONE Custom Nutrition Program is safe for all athletes, all ages, both male and female. 

The Performance ONE Custom Nutrition Program is more than what to eat. This Custom program is designed to teach you how to eat the right foods at the right time for the best results. No food is off the table. We teach you how to have a sense of humor with good nutrition. This might be ice cream, pizza or many other foods you truly appreciate. Our goal is your success and we teach you a way of life.

What make the Performance ONE Custom Nutrition Program different is the keen attention paid to choosing the best nutritional values in the best form to fuel and feed the body at specific times of the day. Other custom nutrition programs assume that there is only one way to go. These other programs are simply trying to fit a square peg into a round whole leaving the athlete short on nutritional needs, short on muscle gains for training and competition. These other custom nutritional programs fail to understand the importance of nutritional timing and choosing the right nutritional item to achieve results.

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This 6 week program was a great experience. I wanted to lose 25 pounds and at the end of the challenge I exceeded that goal by losing 36 pound and also losing body fat! The trainers were great and very helpful with anything you needed. It was a great program!!!

Ben Farrar