5 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Incorporate Into Your Workout

5 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Incorporate Into Your Workout


There is a longstanding misconception that people can’t build muscle without weights. Although weights can expedite the strength gain process, bodyweight exercises are also very effective, improving cardiovascular endurance while also increasing strength. Incorporating bodyweight movements into your weight training program can maximize results. Here are some of the exercises to include:

1. Pushups— The King

Primary muscles worked: pectorals, deltoids (shoulders), triceps, abdominals, serratus anterior


Beginner- Place hands and knees on the ground creating a straight plane from knees to the top of the head. Gently lower body to the ground by bending the arms. Begin with 10-20 repetitions.

Intermediate- Assume a standard plank position with feet shoulder-width apart. Gently lower body to the ground by bending the arms keeping the back as straight as possible. Descend until the chest touches the ground. 

Advanced- Clap pushups are a great way to increase normal pushup intensity. The explosive movement is of higher impact and designed to improve power. 

2. Pull-ups— The Back Shaper

Primary muscles worked: Lats, biceps


Beginner- For a standard pull-up, be sure to grab the bar with outward-facing palms, hands shoulder-width apart. Use a box to assist your movement, removing the weight born by your lats and biceps. 

Intermediate- Perform a standard pull-up making sure your arms are straightened at the bottom of the motion and your chin is above the bar at the top of the motion.

Advanced- If done correctly, muscle-ups are the pinnacle of pull-up mastery. 

3. Leg Lifts— The Core Burner

Primary muscles worked: lower abdominals


Beginner- Lay flat on your back, straight as a board. Lift one leg up 6 inches into the air, keeping it completely straight while leaving the other leg on the ground. Hold for 15 seconds. Switch and repeat. 

Intermediate- Perform a standard leg lift motion lifting both legs into the air keeping them completely straight. Keep arms flat on the ground to each side. 

Advanced- Perform a standard leg lift then begin moving your raised legs in a figure 8 motion.

4. Reverse Lunges— The Leg Builder

Primary muscles worked: quads, glutes, hamstrings


Beginner- Stand upright with your back straight. Step backward with one leg, bending at the knee. Lower yourself to the ground until your back knee gently touches the ground making sure the knee of your front leg does not push past the front toe. Keep your back straight throughout the entire movement. 

Intermediate- Perform a standard reverse lunch. While at the bottom of the movement, pulse slowly up and down an inch or two making sure to flex the muscles of your legs and abdominals. Continue for 20-30 seconds then repeat with the other leg. 

Advanced- Perform a standard reverse lunge. When at the bottom of the movement, jump upwards switching legs at the top. Lower yourself down with the other leg and repeat. 

5. Jump Roping— Full-Body Recruiter

Primary muscles worked: quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, shoulders


Beginner- Perform a ‘double jump’ skip sneaking an extra jump in before the rope completes a full rotation. 

Intermediate- Perform a single jump per rope rotation.

Advanced- Double-unders or high-knee skips are two great advanced jump rope motions. 

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