Are you ready to take your personal fitness journey to the next level?

P1 Athlete personal training is here to help. Our team of professional athletes and personal trainers will work with you every step of the way so that you can reach your goals with ease. Whether you are just starting out or have been working out for years, personal training will give you the edge you need to really make a difference.

Personal One-on-One Sessions

Unlock your maximum potential: Transform Your Body and Mind with 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Personal one-on-one sessions + Tailored Fitness Plans + Diet Advice from our Experts = SUCCESS

At Performance One, we guarantee that you will reach the fitness milestones you desire with our certified trainers. They will work with you to create an individualized training plan that fits into your lifestyle.

The personalized training sessions are focused to help:

Shape your body
Develop strength
Enhance dexterity
Improve endurance

With their expert guidance, not only will you build muscle quickly but also become an authority on proper form for every exercise! So join us today at Performance One for a first-rate personal training experience!

  • Single Sessions $100

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  • 5 session Pack $475

    $95 per session (expires 30 days after)

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  • 10 session Pack $850

    $85 per session (expires 45 days after)

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  • 20 session Pack $1500

    $75 per session (expires 75 days after)

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  • 50 session Pack $3250

    $65 per session (expires 120 days after)

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Visit our Gym

At P1 Athlete, our gym is designed to be the premier destination for athletes looking to improve their performance. Our facility is equipped with top-of-the-line exercise machines, free weights, a cardio area, and a wide array of strength and conditioning equipment.

Our experienced trainers are here to help you reach your fitness objectives and maximize your potential. We are committed to helping our athletes reach their highest level of success in the gym and in life.

Here at P1 Athlete, we strive to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to reach their goals. Our facility is clean and well-maintained, with a strong emphasis on safety and proper form.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle, improve your sports performance or just get in shape, P1athlete is the perfect place for you.