Youth Training

Our Training Method

A young athlete needs the proper foundation in order to continue improving in their specific sport. Training at this level should place a focus on balance, agility, and coordination, building strength while providing structure as growth continues. Many programs turn away too quickly from these important fundamentals, impacting long-term performance. At Performance One, we shape young athletes by beginning with the basics and advancing once mastery is achieved.


    • Footwork circuits

    • Reactive agility

    • Multi-directional

    • Deceleration

    • Plyometrics (low-grade intensity)


    • Proprioception

    • Intramuscular coordination

    • Muscle activation

    • Balance


    • Team training

    • Small group

    • 1 on 1 training


In Order To Improve Within A Sport Or Specific Position, The Body Needs To Develop Strength, Quickness, Speed, Balance, And Flexibility. In Addition, The Athlete Needs To Adopt The Appropriate Mindset For Continued Growth And Success. This Is Not Achieved By Diving Into Sport-Specific Movements And Programs From The Very Beginning. That’s Why All Youth Athletes, No Matter The Sport, Can Benefit Tremendously From Working On The Foundations At Performance One. We Have Seen Kids Rise To The Professional Level As They Take The Proper Steps Towards Success.

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