5 Best Workouts To Increase Endurance

5 Best Workouts To Increase Endurance


Endurance means the ability of the body to withstand physical exertion for an extended period. It is how your body withstands short and high-intensity exercises and long and low-intensity workouts.

If you have excellent stamina, you will be able to fight various conditions such as fatigue, disease, and stress. Moreover, improving your physical strength is also beneficial to your mental energy.

How Does Exercise Help Increase Your Endurance?

Exercise helps improve endurance and overall energy levels for a prolonged duration. For instance, cardiovascular activities such as aerobics, running, jogging, biking, and lung and heart workouts improve the rate at which oxygen circulates the muscles in your body.

After a while, this will enhance your body’s endurance levels and stamina, making you feel less tired after a session of physical exercise.

Workouts that focus on strength building like weight lifting, push-ups slowly improve your body’s ability to carry heavier loads for a long time without feeling tired. 

When starting, exercises will tire you out; however, you will soon discover the difference it makes in your body with consistent practice.

Some of the secrets to sustained stamina over a prolonged period are eating the right food, exercising, and giving your body enough rest.

Read on to discover the different exercises that will help increase your stamina and the benefit they bring to your body.

5 Exercises That Will Help Increase Your Stamina

  1. Boat Pose:

For people who rarely have time to hit the gym, boat pose is among the best exercises to help increase your stamina at home.

How to do the boat pose

Sit on your workout mat with your legs straight. Balance your hips, lift your legs in the air, and stretch out your arms.

You will see that your position is similar to that of a boat; hold your pose for 30 seconds.

Relax. Then repeat at least five times. This exercise will help stretch your core muscles, and you will feel it in your lower back, lower abdominal, and hip flexors.

  1. Stairs Climbing:

The next time you plan to go outdoors, keep in mind to use the stairs.

How to do stairs climbing

Anytime you plan to go out, set the alarm, so you’re reminded constantly to take the stairs. You can also add cycling to your fitness regimen, and soon you will begin to notice some positive changes this simple exercise has on your body.

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  1. Push-ups:

Push-up is another simple exercise that is particular about strengthening your core and upper body. It uses several muscles in your body like the shoulder, chest, legs, biceps, back, and triceps.

How to do push-ups

Lay down on your stomach, on your workout mat, and place your palms near your chest. Now, lift your body by putting all the pressure on your palms.

Hold that pose for like 10 seconds, and repeat five more times, slowly increasing the count. If you find it challenging to do the push-ups initially, you can consider using a raised bench as support until you feel confident in doing it on the mat.

  1. Side Plank:

Side planks, commonly called obliques, helps to strengthen your side and lower abdominal muscles.

How to do side planks 

Using your workout mat, lay down on your side. Now, using your elbow as a support, lift your whole body. Hold your pose for about 10 seconds.

This might not be easy to do at first, but try increasing the hold as you getter better at it. Consistency with this exercise will increase your stamina.

  1. Squats:

Squats is a full-body workout. It puts several muscles in your body to work and also helps strengthen the ligaments and tissues in your body.

How to do squats

Stand on the floor and put your legs apart. Keep your spine straight, lower your knees and get ready to go down on the floor.

As your knees bend while you go down, ensure your hips move a little backward. The essential thing to remember in this exercise is to give your spine zero stress. Straighten and relax your spine.


There are various exercises for various purposes, most of which will help keep your body healthy and strong. You should try some of them out to determine which best suits you and your schedule.

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