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The Many Benefits of a Strength and Conditioning Coach

A strength and conditioning coach is a professional who helps people achieve their fitness goals. You can think of them as someone with the education and know-how to prescribe certain exercises to help you get the results you want in the safest, most efficient way. A coach helps you train like a pro, no matter where you currently are on your athletic journey.

What Strength and Conditioning Coaches Do

A conditioning coach isn’t just your run-of-the-mill personal trainer; they’re focused on the skills you need to improve in your sport(s) of choice. 


Personal trainers (PTs) tend to work with individuals who want guidance at the gym, or for their home workouts. A trainer can be one-on-one, or for a small group. Personal trainers can create custom fitness programs, or just help people learn how to use gym equipment properly. 

An athletic trainer (AT) is a person trained in the healthcare field to offer medical services to athletes. They’re who you may see on the sidelines of a professional ball game, wrapping ankles, or diagnosing an injury. While they do get involved in promoting wellness among the athletes, they’re not responsible for creating conditioning programs like a personal trainer or conditioning coach would.

A conditioning coach, on the other hand, is highly focused on what exercises an athlete should engage in to improve their performance. Similar to a personal trainer, they’re involved in teaching their clients how to build lifelong skills to maintain functional movement in their bodies.

They Get Specific

A good strength and conditioning coach builds upon the foundation training athletes already have. To improve balance, agility, coordination, and strength, the coach cultivates a specific program for the athlete. If your ultimate goal is a bit out of reach, they can help you break it down into more attainable steps so you can eventually obtain success.


Strength and conditioning coaches should have different game plans depending on where an athlete is in their season. Pre-season routines will vary from what you need in the off-season. For example, off-season workouts tend to be lower in both frequency and intensity to give athletes a chance to stay in shape without being overworked. In contrast, pre-season training focuses on avoiding injury by focusing on building muscle, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

When you work with a conditioning coach, be sure to communicate where you are in your various sport(s) seasons so your training can cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re a novice just starting in a competitive league, a high school athlete aiming for a spot on a collegiate team, or a professional looking to level up, Performance One has a conditioning program for you.

They Avoid Injury

A coach can also focus on the right exercises that will help an athlete avoid injury. Many student athletes face overuse injury, so one of a strength coach’s objectives is to teach a progressive load system with a variety of exercises. This helps athletes diversify their knowledge and find creative and effective ways to condition their bodies without being as susceptible to injury.

As mentioned, varying workouts based on the season can dramatically affect how likely it is for an athlete to get hurt. Take advantage of a conditioning coach’s expertise and visit them before, during, and after your season to keep you in peak shape.

They Keep You Motivated

Whether you’re a current or former athlete, it can be hard to stay motivated. Sometimes even the most engaging and effective workouts aren’t enough to keep you committed to your training. Ideally, a strength coach is your cheering section, helping you get the results you need in order to maintain momentum in your training.


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Working with a strength and conditioning coach is an excellent way to improve your athletic performance and reach your fitness goals. A strength coach can provide you with the knowledge, motivation, accountability, and support you need to safely and effectively reach your goals. If you are looking for someone to help you reach your fitness goals, consider joining the roster of athletes at Performance One.

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