• Biomechanics of squats
  • Who We Are

    We are physical therapists located in Lehi, Utah. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D Advanced Movement Screening, we employ Joint Mapping technology to provide an objective analysis of biomechanics, functional movement pattern, motor control, flexibility, and sport-specific motions.

    The quantitative results from the 3D Advanced Movement Screen provide our physical therapists with accurate and detailed movement analytics on each patient or athlete.

    This objective insight into movement dysfunction and muscular imbalances allows our team of experts to develop individualized training, rehab, or recovery protocols to optimize performance.

  • What We Do

    The 3D Advanced Movement Screen assessment analyzes movement in ALL planes and accurately scores functional asymmetry, flexibility, lower extremity power, dynamic posture, balance, core stability, and susceptibility to injury. More importantly, it connects the feel of an efficient movement with the athlete allowing them to understand. Our system is broken down into 3 easy steps that allows quick training once the information is captured.

  • Analysis of biomechanics
  • 1. Measure

    Quickly capture lab quality 3D movement data in our simulator

  • 2. Evaluate

    Use this data to understand how a player moves in 3D space to create their swing. Possibly for the first time, you’ll really see what each player does with their body to swing and move their way.

  • 3. Coach & Train

    Powered by your new knowledge of how you move, we use our patented biofeedback coaching and training tools with your player to communicate and implement the changes you want to make immediately with a greater understanding of what they need to do to make changes.


We look forward to working closely with you to identify your needs and develop a personalized solution. Book a session with one of our licensed physical therapists today.